We’re an agritech company with a mission to optimise regenerative farming practices with AI digital technology


About the Agrovar project

Companies that innovate in their industries and disrupt the status quo of standard business models are born out of the need for change. Changing goals, changing development tools and focusing on solving specific problems.

For years, we have watched as climate change and conventional practices slowly push farmers toward soil fertility loss and financial insecurity. We created Agrovar with the clear awareness that we need to change this direction. We believe that the protection and improvement of soil resources is the alternative that Agriculture needs to deal with the problems that have been brewing for several decades. With the support of dozens of farmers, we are developing new technologies and concrete solutions that address the fight against soil erosion, improve metabolism and increase the financial sustainability of agricultural holdings.

Our mission

Our mission is to combine the power of sustainable agriculture and digital technology to help farmers improve soil health, farm profitability and the quality of their produce.