Metacultures – Perco and the balancing of soil minerals

Perco is an annual autumn crop of the cruciferous family (Brassicae spp.). It is used as green fodder for animals, as the plant mass is rich in fats and proteins, and the grain is rich in oils (up to 42%). Perco and oilseed rape have similar physiology and development, with Perco growing significantly faster and flowering beginning at least 10 days earlier than that oilseed rape.

Perco has exceptional qualities for green manure and a high potential for biomass accumulation. Thanks to its root exudates (secretions), it has the ability to unlock blocked minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, iron and others. The structure of the root system creates a favourable environment for the development of earthworms and some microorganisms.

Perco is adaptable to a variety of soil conditions and has a high tolerance to a wide range of pH (from strongly acidic to strongly alkaline soils). It is resistant to low temperatures and various climatic conditions.

Its hibernation depends on the period of its sowing and germination.

Cover Crop benefits
Increasing organic matter
Weed suppression
Soil structure
Climatic properties
Lowest germination temp
Drought tolerance
Over humidification tolerance

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